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**Our new site now allows clients to have multiple delivery addresses under the same account.
**Because of this new feature, client's previous addresses were deleted to allow this feature to be possible. We apologise for this inconvenience!


Important Things to Know about your Delivery:

1) Please choose if you prefer your order to be delivered in Morning, Afternoon or Evening.

2) Before we collect your product from the Store for delivery, SCI will confirm the date and time of day of your delivery.

3) ALL orders MUST be signed for by a household member upon receipt.  The driver cannot release the order to the customer without obtaining a signature releasing the order to the signatory.  They will also record the name of the person receiving the order.  This is to protect the Store, the Driver and the Customer that the goods have been delivered to the customer in good condition.

4)  After the delivery order date and time have been confirmed, if no one to accept and sign for the delivery when the driver arrives with the order, they will NOT leave it.  It will be returned to our office in George Town where the customer can either collect if from there themselves OR choose to have the item re-delivered being charged an additional delivery fee.  The original delivery fee, in either case, will not be refunded to the customer.  This policy is IMPORTANT to both ensure that we do not have orders stolen from front door steps if left unattended.  It is also to help ensure that all SCI can continue to keep our Order Delivery fees low for everyone and do not have to have charge higher deliveries fees to all simply because some bad apples choose to not respect the time and costs involved in doing re-deliveries. only charges $6 per delivered order if your delivery address is within 10km (6.2miles) from the Merchant location.  If your delivery location is more than 10km away, the delivery charge per order is only $10.  This delivery charge applies no matter how many merchants you order from, and no matter how large/heavy your order is.

     When you place an order from, you have the choice to either pick up your order yourself from the Merchant(s), or you can choose to have it delivered.  If you choose delivery, you have a choice of morning, afternoon or evening delivery windows.  Select one of these.  Your order will be delivered to you during the selected window within 24-48 hours.  We will contact you the morning of your delivery to confirm the approximate delivery day and time before making the delivery.  Once the delivery day/time is confirmed, then driver will come to your delivery address and make the delivery to you.ALL SHOPCAYMANISLANDS DELIVERIES REQUIRE A RECEIVING SIGNATURE.  Our drivers do not leave packages on doorsteps, or anywhere else, to prevent issues of damage caused by weather, or theft. 

     Someone MUST be available to sign for the delivery - NO EXCEPTIONS.  This protects all parties - the merchant, our company and, most of all, you!In the event that we come to make the confirmed delivery at your location and no one is there to accept and sign for the order, we will attempt to call you and assess the situation.  If we cannot reach you, or you cannot have anyone accept the package on your behalf when we attempt the delivery, then your order will be returned to the Merchant(s) for pickup at your convenience.   ShopCaymanIslands does not retain undelivered orders - these are returned to the merchant the same day or the morning of the next business day.The original delivery fee is not refundable.  If you choose to have the order re-delivered, an order for a 2nd delivery will be created and sent to you for payment for the new delivery and the delivery will be rescheduled and go through the same process as the original delivery.  We can only offer one re-delivery attempt per order.

Yes!  Shopping in Grand can't get any easier!  When you want to place an order for the sister islands, simply choose the Delivery option.  When the order is processed, we will contact you and you can let us know if you would like us to drop it off to you at Thompson Shipping or to Cayman Airways Cargo.  We will then take down the information that these shippers will need in order to receive/ship that order to your island.  We will deliver your order to the shipping agent of choice and send you the shipping reference number (bill of lading / airway bill number) and they will arrange collection from their office with you directly.

Once you place an order from, you will receive an email confirming your order.  The order is also listed in your profile of orders when you log in and click on Order Tracking in the drop down below your name on the top right of our website.  The Order tracking shows the progress of your order during the different stages of process until the order is either picked up or delivered.

We hope that all our customers are 100% satisfied with their experience using  Unfortunately, when things do not go as expected, it can be disappointing.  If you have had an issue with placing, payment questions, during the picking up or delivery of your order, you can contact us a number of ways:    

  • via the Chat window below right on the home page
  • via Email to
  • through our contact form on our Contact Us page           

If you are unhappy with the product which you received from the Vendor, please contact the Vendor directly in order to express your concerns/issues and they will address the issue with your order directly.  

If you are having a problem reaching your Vendor directly, then you can contact and we can assist in connecting  you to the Vendor from whom you purchased your items from.

In all circumstances, please relay your contact details, vendor from which the item(s) that you are unhappy with were purchased from, the order number, and the specific items with which you are dissatisfied with. 

Thank you!

It's simple! 

Simply click on the Merchant Signup link in the footer and complete the short form and submit it to us. 

We will contact you and discuss the process within 24 hours or less.  Once you join, we can usually get your store on up and running by the next day.

If you are looking to become a part of our team at, please click on the Career Opportunities link in the footer.   There is a short form to complete and the opportunity to attach your resume and cover letter in the form - then click the Submit button - it's that easy!

Even if we do not have any positions available when you apply, we will keep your application on file so that we can contact you in the future once an opening becomes available.  Thank you in advance for your interest. accepts both Credit and Debit Cards in CI and US currency.  All prices on the site are shown in CI$ currency.  If you are using a US$ card, the order total will be converted from CI$ to the US$ equivalent and charged in the currency of your credit/debit card.

All purchases will show on your cards as purchases to My Marketing on your card statement of charges.